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Screen Director & Multimedia Artist

Our Night


Feature Film I  Romance Drama I 84 Minutes
English and Welsh Language

Logline: When an agoraphobic translator reunites with her deceased brother's best friend, secrets and passions are revealed. Translations will be had a UK theatrical release in 20 cinemas. The film won 3 awards this year at the Riverside International Film Festvial (Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Audience Choice Award). 


When Phineas Gage suffers an unspeakable brain injury when a tamping rod plunges through his skull, causing dramatic shifts in his personality. His physician Dr Harlow watches over his recovery and must choose whether or not to fight for this outcasts place in the local community.


Gage has screened in over forty film festivals globally. It has won seven awards and had broadcast on Sky TV in the UK. It was made in collaboration with the British Neurological Association.

Fantastic Cadaver

Keith has recently contributed to Fantastic Cadaver, a collaborative experimental film and animation story feature, inspired by the legendary Exquisite Corpse by surrealist artist Ted Joans. The project was produced by Butthead Films.

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Feature Film - Romance Drama (English/Welsh Language) - 2023.


When an agoraphobic translator reunites with her deceased brother's best friend, secrets and passions are revealed.


"Layered and thoughtful" Mother of Movies

★★★★ "A deeply human experience." The Movie Waffler

★★★★ "This is an arthouse relationship drama that resonates" Buzz Magazine  

★★★★ "Translations is a moving drama with excellent performances." Movie Reviews 101

★★★★ "A lyrical exploration of loss, love and moving on." State of Independents


"A warm, intelligent and unhurried take on love and also how we deal with grief" Gary Slaymaker BBC Radio Wales Film Critic. 

"Emphatically tender, Translations is surprising, warm, intriguing and hopeful." D&C Film

"Translations is a meditative and poetic tale" Let's Talk About Film

"A well crafted movie. Very thoughtful explorations on the complexities of love." Michael Polish (Director of Big Sur, Norfolk and Twin Falls Idaho). 


All of our reviews can be read HERE

Translations has screened in twenty cinemas across the UK


Riverside Film Festival 2023 (Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film, Best Actress, Best Screenplay)

D&C Film

Let's Talk About Film

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September Sky

Feature Drama

A career-driven woman, derailed by a terminal illness, finds her life reignited during an intense relationship with a male escort. Written by Laurence Guy. 


Modern Western Feature Film

A wild-hearted former convict’s unconventional life in West-Wales is taken to trial by the arrival of a mysterious woman claiming to be his daughter. Supported by the BFI Network and Film London. Written by Laurence Guy.


Keith Wilhelm Kopp is an award-winning film director & multimedia artist from the Pacific Northwest of America based in SW England. He spent five years of his youth in the military figuring out that he was more suited for the screen industry than the grunt life. He is interested in themes relating to transformation, redemption and family dynamics. He is currently touring cinemas in the UK with his first feature film Translations. 

His films have screened in film festivals globally and on Sky TV. He was personally mentored by Gus Van Sant on the film Gage. Keith and his writer Laurence Guy are currently developing a feature film with help from the BFI Network Development Award. 

Awards - Best Director (Short Film Show 2018), Best Film (Honor Film Festival 2018), Best Director and Best Western (Independent Short Awards 2018), Best Original Film Award (The Wild Bunch Film Festival 2018). He is a member of Directors UK and a colleague of the United States Veterans Artist Alliance. 

Keith has been Interviewed and reviewed by several publications including:

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